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"Bridgeman Communication worked with Texas Instruments RFID Systems for well over 15 years. They drive communications campaigns that are insightful, inventive, and well-rounded in execution." - Digital Analytics Manager, Texas Instruments

"I went through a pretty rigorous RFP before selecting Bridgeman Comm. Against the cut-and-paste proposals from other firms, the Bridgeman team was driven by their interest, curiosity and hours of time to understand our needs. In spite of 5,000 miles between us, the results were second to none." - Marketing Director, Bloxx UK

"We hired Bridgeman Comm. to hone our marketing messages -- but that quickly evolved into Roger guiding us through a full corporate marketing communications planning process focused on our product R&D life cycle, rather than the just the next product rev." - Dir. of Marketing Comm., Aclara Tech

"When looking at how we “talked to our customers,” Bridgeman Communications delivered a compelling narrative – aligning our product strategy with our key markets and their business issues – that moved our brand messages from just product specs to compelling C-level 'care-abouts'." - External Comm. Manager, General Electric

"When the relaunch of our law firm was moved up by two months the Bridgeman team jumped in to rebrand us with new marketing messages, a web site and stakeholder communications – in two weeks."  - Founding Partner, Boston Law Firm

"A key skill of Roger's is to take a concept and bring out many difference facets of it, coming at it from many angles or throwing out new ideas." - Marketing Manager, eSecurity firm

"Roger is a mensch. He can always be counted on to do the right thing for his clients and employees, and is always looking at his client's business from a strategic POV."

- Communications Director, NCR

"Roger is a sage, calm, skilled marketer who leverages his firm’s people and talent to deliver solid results for their clients. I can come to Roger with a business, creative, interpersonal or leadership challenge and receive insightful advice I can act on with confidence." - Marketing Manager, Wheelock College

"Roger is a rare breed of public relations professional -- industry leader, savvy internationalist, brilliant strategist and media placement genius who is second to none." - Boston Marketing Agency Owner

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